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Our Mission

Our aim is to create innovative approaches to perinatal health equity through financially accessible, culturally competent care, and through LGBTQIA reproductive rights advocacy, as well, to promote the inestimable health value of safe community. Measurable improvement in conception, birth, and postpartum outcomes through ongoing quantitative and qualitative research is another intrinsic imperative.

The LGBTQ Perinatal Wellness Center is a grassroots, interdisciplinary collaborative of compassionate and community-trusted, exceptionally experienced and highly skillful, LGBTQ+ identified wellness providers based in the SF Bay Area. We are diverse across gender, sexual orientation, and relationship spectrums as well as ancestral heritages and spiritual orientations. All are rooted in healing-justice values and maintain adherence to professional standards by continually expanding clinical inquiry into our respective fields of practice.

In understanding the unique and specific needs and circumstances of LGBTQ+ folks throughout the family formation process, our goal is to connect you to resources and practitioners who support families of all backgrounds and configurations in feeling naturally whole, exceptionally well, and authentically affirmed.

We happily offer a wide range of wellness services, classes, support groups, and community events which are informed by evidenced-based research, innovation, intuition, and designed to enhance your personal perinatal process from preconception preparation through childbirth, early parenthood, and beyond. We wish you and yours a deeply satisfying, well supported, and joyous journey growing your family!